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Molnar Manx


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Stylmartin Boots

Nation's Capitol Norton Owners

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Our racing demands lots of time and money and our major private sponsors make all this possible. Other product sponsors give us help with helmets, boots, gloves, leathers oil and tires. These important brands motivate us with safety, style and comfort. They make us feel important and professional. Our “Fan Club” friends show up at the races, hang around, help with the bikes, put us up at their houses, feed us lunch and just take care of us with their presence and we know that if ever something bad were to happen, they would be right there!

But racing is a bottomless pit, and every time a new sponsor steps on board, it puts a smile on our faces, makes us faster and more visible. Your contributions to our racing efforts is so important at all levels, and we would not be able to race without. We thank you for your help. A little goes a long way.

Whether you are interested in sponsoring or not we would love to hear from you.