2013 Race Season Thank You

Alex McLean on November 13, 2013

Warming up the Oldboy

It has been a terrific 2013 racing season with AHRMA. Norton Manx Race Team has again gone one step further in its commitment to try and win races, championships, and demonstrate what a Norton Manx can do and sound like at the track. One DNF at Road America, and an unfortunate crash on the warm up lap at Millville N.J. , were the only hiccups we had all year.

The effort to succeed with this is not single handed, nor just throwing $$$ around, but is the culmination of peoples expertise in all their technical domains. Every time we race, everyone of these people is going around the race track on the Norton. AHRMA family, Bob Mckeever, the reason we are racing, Rob Mckeever, who is know the team manager and brains of the team, Nobby Clark who always inspires us to be winners, Maurice Candy who flawlessly puts our engines together, Bob Blakely who helps us go faster with modern technologies (rs125), Avon’s David Alari who provides us with tires that keep the bike upright and fast in the corners, Morris oil’s Robert……… provides the best oils for our bikes, Mark Bailey who’s welding keeps the bike together, Chris at Battley Cycles with dyno expertise, newcomer Cindy Hill our website guru and track coordinator, Art and Lynn Farley who we take advantage of anytime we can, Andy and Lynn who always take care of us at Barbers, Arai, Vanson’s Matt Silva,; and from the otherside of the pond: Andy Molnar, Ken Mckintosh, Stu Rogers, Summefield engineering, RGM gears.

And just a big thanks to all our competitors and paddock friends, who make every race meet a pleasure.


Alex McLean #122

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