Look what turned up….

Alex McLean on January 7, 2015

Thanks to my sister, who never throws anything out, this great picture turns up this past Christmas. I must have been 10 years old or so so this would be around 1964, outside Paris on a U.S. Army base. I played little league baseball there, but lo and behold this bike was sitting between a couple of trucks and my dad snapped the picture with his faithful “Contact” range finder camera.

I remember this day pretty well, thank god this bike had a center stand. Obviously a BSA Goldstar belonging to a serviceman, whom I did not meet. Clip ons are low, below headlight fixtures, you could only be flat out. This is probably “The Moment” that made motorcycles and racing my life. Just thought I would share it with you. Not a Norton, but pretty close. Just check out that smile……

3 thoughts on “Look what turned up….

  1. Marc Bouchard says:

    Eggselent…. great shot..

  2. Amy Jacques says:

    You knew at a very young age what you wanted I see…..ADORABLE ALEX THEN AND NOW❤

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