Millville N.J. Results 2014

Alex McLean on July 31, 2014
Norton Manx Racing, Alex McLean, Rob McKeever

Racing at NJMP 2014

Norton Manx Racing, Cindy Hill, Honda CB400F

Cindy Hill at Speed with Honda CB400F

Great weekend at Millville N.J. with 7 wins out of 8 races. (one small wire went bad internally and left me stranded in turn 4 while my team wondered if i had gone awol)….. The track felt really good, bumpier than last year, but not as bad as Nola!! I ran the 61 Manx on Sunday, I am lucky to have a back up bike, and got all four wins for that day. Nobby Clark was with us and so was Joe Clements and his family, and my sister; who has become a serious racer fan. Rob Mckeever and his girl friend Paula kept the bikes pristine inside and out.  Matt Silva from Vanson was there with a new suit for our website guru: Cindy Hill had her entourage drooling over her cb400f. (You’d tell them to look at the Manx’s, but they preferred the Honda!@#$%??????? Cindy did 3rd on Saturday, and 2nd on Sunday!!!…….. Soon we are going to kick her off this website or get her to ride a Manx……

We also met Endo Makoto/Painter. Love his work. Go to his website:

2 thoughts on “Millville N.J. Results 2014

  1. Kenneth Lucius says:

    Congratulations to you, Cindy and the whole team on another successful racing weekend!

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